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Noreen Renier: The actress behind her TV image as a missing person psychic detective is supported by ghost writers, sales agents, promoters, and a 35-year history of pitching bogus claims for attention and money.

In 2014 Noreen Renier the actress from TV's Psychic Detectives hosts ESP workshops and pushes her site. Yet recently she's been caught faking police hiring's and fabricating missing person case events. In June 2014 she's even posted on her web site completely bogus university teaching appointments and faculty titles. A federal judge has also ruled she misled his court, wasn't credible, and ordered a judgment against her. This web site is a public warning and news center. Showcased are five federal court judgments against Noreen Renier with facts about her increasingly bold and apparently delusional charades at 77-years old.

Noreen Renier psychic

From 2005 to 2014 six out of six U.S. federal court judges ruled against Noreen Jean Renier --- the author of A Mind For Murder and The Practical Psychic. Noreen Renier has for decades been an actress promoting paranormal shams. And below we provide eye-witness testimony with 5-years of research to prove she boldly lies.

Key researchers and writers for this Commentary by Sherlock site include John Lund, Anne Star, Paul and Kristy Hanson, Dave Merrell, and North American and European G&P Inquiry Institute members. This material was last updated June 21, 2014 with our web site viewing count nearing a million.

Orlando based Noreen Renier turned 77 years old on January 16, 2014 and in mid March suffered shockenly low audience attendance while hosting a Phoenix area ESP workshop and other speaking engagements in Phoenix and Tucson. But the loss of supporters hasn't been her only problem. According to her Facebook page she entered an Orlando hospital a year ago for lung cancer surgery. A few days after that she claims she received a pace maker for "my heart which seemed to be stopping on too many occasions." Just 26 days later she declared "I am cancer free" and "recovering nicely" and began presenting workshops across the United States.

Yet in February 2014 she told a Florida Today reporter that doctors had found something more in her lungs.

So does she still consider herself "cancer free"?

During previous court testimony when questioned if she could cure cancer using her “psychic energy vibration” process she did not rule it out, saying that she had already performed medical healing's.

Asked for a specific case of curing someone she testified, "A girl was going to have an operation and she had a cyst and it disappeared, and she didn't have to have the operation."  Additionally she noted, "My father had a knee injury from years and years and he was in a lot of pain and when I became a psychic he visited me and he has never had a problem with his knee again."

In her book A Mind For Murder (page 114, 2008 edition) she wrote about healing a man decades ago. The man suffered sharp pains in his lower abdomen.

“I explained to him that the energy that emanated from me and my hands could affect him and his body . . . . . . [I took] several deep breaths, and placed my hands above his head until I felt a connection with his energy. Then I let my hands hover a few inches away from his abdomen, where I had felt the pain in myself. As I felt the energy flowing between us, I assured him he would be just fine. When I looked up, he thanked me.”

She also has described “heat as the energy flowed from me” when a friend’s cut finger “was soon replaced by tingling. By the time I left, her finger was fine. We both were a bit stunned by my success.”

But given that Ms. Renier has already been found "not credible" by a federal judge there are many credibility issues surrounding both her medical healing claims (including her "cancer free" remark) and her many psychic investigator activities.

Noreen Renier is cited by witnesses and critics ---including some on this web site--- as faking major events and falsifying hundreds of direct police hiring's. It's clear pretend "accurate spirit guide" Noreen Renier has misrepresented her credentials and deceived the public.

In fact everything Noreen Renier claims about finding a lost and missing plane with survivors is a delusional tale she's spun into a monstrous lie. An incredible charade which we examine extensively here following a 5-year investigation conducted by researchers and investigators.

On April 18, 2012 the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit (immediately under the U.S. Supreme Court) ruled against Noreen Renier. The three judges ordered a judgment favoring a Noreen Renier critic who has publicly showcased both exaggerations and deceptions by the psychic actress. The ruling backed a March 2011 U.S. federal court judgment which stating Noreen Renier "misled" the court and was not credible!

And these federal court rulings come after one U.S. District court judge ordered actress Noreen Renier to pay a victim more than $40,000.00 and another U.S. District court also rejected a lengthy appeal by Renier --- again agreeing with the judgment that she was not credible.

Before sending off an email to Noreen Renier to book a psychic reading be aware she pushes bogus scripted charades before TV cameras, on You Tube, Facebook, and across her web site. She pretends to be a credible paranormal investigator one day and an amazing medium in contact with the dead the next.

Supporters of Noreen Renier repeatedly attempted to hide her credibility issues from the public in 2012 --- even daily eliminating Wikipedia updates until Wikipedia management simply took down the Noreen Renier listing altogether.

In fact while Noreen Renier claims she has supernatural entities named Robert and Sing who allow pinpoint communications among billions of the lost and dead, her paranormal psychic foresight isn't just dismal --- it appears non-existent. During testing she actually scored worse than random chance!

For decades Noreen Renier has charged typically $8 to $16 per minute fees during telephone sessions with grieving families that she initially consoles with beliefs that she has helped locate the lost and missing. She claims as a "highly gifted" paranormal intuitive that she has provided "100% accurate" evidence to police --- with 70% of her work directly hired by hundreds of law enforcement agencies.

Yet Noreen Renier has never led a law enforcement officer by the hand toward a lost and frightened child before the child died of cold or starvation. In fact she has found no one by herself in any manner which showcases her alleged "super psychic" powers.

Noreen Renier continues to be promoted on TV shows and old YouTube clips originally filmed 10 to 35 years ago. But a recent investigation showed that among those filmed were actresses and actors pretending to be murder and crime investigators! Some crime lab and detective office scenes actually were shot in television studios and erected theatre sets! Police agencies and victims named by Noreen Renier in some cases have never existed --- they were fantasized creations.

TV police psychic Noreen Renier has boldly exaggerated about being directly hired by public law enforcement agencies across hundreds of cases involving crimes, missing and lost children, and other psychic detective mysteries. Yet the actual number of police agency cases where Noreen Renier was hired directly by a public law enforcement agency is at or near zero.

The simple fact is that at least three TV series producers engaged in multi-million dollar commercial profits by creating exaggerated TV scripts "for entertainment not authenticity." Indeed real eye-witnesses and family members on this web site call Noreen Renier's paranormal psychic sight about unsolved crime and disaster scenes "worthless" and "monstrous lies."

NOTE: You may wish to skip to the bottom of this page where you will find an link / index --- which can take you directly to the story behind the incredible "plane crash" charade Noreen Renier created. From here to the bottom of this page we'll provide additional concerns about Noreen Renier and her falsified FBI, police, and case claims. Also the facts about Noreen Renier fooling millions (and videotaped doing so) with her often elaborate and flamboyant deceptions --- and even before a jury in a 1986.

Noreen Renier returned to the Orlando area in January 2013 after being a resident in Wilmington North Carolina for several years. Over the past 40 years she's lived in multiple locations in Virginia and Florida, and briefly in southern Oregon.

In early 2005 Noreen Renier breached a Florida State legal settlement order. A U.S. District court ordered judgments against Renier for that action in 2006 and in 2007. When the first of these court judgments were ordered against her investigators began combing through her portrayal of "finding an airplane" that had crashed near Gardner Massachusetts. Those investigations suddenly triggered other shocks.

She had testified under oath that while using her psychic powers she had been "instrumental" in locating the crashed plane and in visions had seen survivors. She also related that she was "sanctioned" on the case by an FBI officer and that "FBI agents" were part of the search and rescue team.

But the crash events she related in court --- and as recently as February 2012 in yet another videotaped lecture presented in Little Rock Arkansas --- are "incredible shams" according to eye-witnesses. Eye-witnesses which are cited with their full names and titles throughout this web site.

As early as 1986 Noreen Renier boldly exaggerated while under oath and during court testimony when she claimed to have investigated on "several" FBI cases including a missing children murder case. The FBI has denied she ever was a credible paranormal resource or hired as an FBI investigator. Yet in 2011 Noreen Renier authored a book where she is also the copyright holder which falsely indicates on its cover that she is an "investigator for the FBI" and displays the protected FBI seal without authorization.

Her book cover even displays a U.S. Department of Justice badge worn by FBI officers further falsely implying she wore such a badge.

But during court questioning Noreen Renier could not describe the "several" FBI cases she claimed she investigated!

And during an earlier legal deposition she was unable to answer questions posed about her "several" FBI cases. She didn't offer any FBI case numbers, key incident names or locations, no dates even in years, nor even who authorized her as an "FBI investigator" or where she worked. She couldn't even name her FBI supervisor.

Thus she promotes bold exaggerations apparently hoping no one actually checks out her clNoreen Renier psychic detectiveaims.

Apparently Noreen Renier's incidents of working as an FBI investigator appear to be only in her mind along with exaggerated paranormal claims and deceptive event recollections.

In recent years Noreen Renier has stood entirely alone other than her attorney for many hours in two different federal court rooms.

Not even a single family member or one of her claimed "hundreds" of law enforcement supporters was present in a lengthy hearing held over two days and in two different cities. This seems unusual since she claims "thousands of people" value her work as a "super sleuth" in helping resolve crimes and finding missing persons with her paranormal abilities. Many Facebook postings say they are her long time supporters yet none of these "supporters" ever show up in the courtrooms where she has received critical judgments against her. Are many of her internet supporters unreal and just names internet marketing companies have created to make her appear credible?

Yet having no supporters other than her lawyer present in a court room may not be surprising.

For over three decades paranormal missing person psychic Noreen Renier has literally screamed out apparent psychic reading delusions of contact with the dead such as when she "became the Zodiac Killer" and "having entities within me" who contact the dead. And she continues to claim "the police hire me, that's usually 70% of the time" accounting for approximately 450 direct hiring's based on her own case counts now well above 650.

On July 22, 2011 U.S. District Court judge Norman K. Moon issued a court memorandum affirming a ruling by the Honorable William Anderson which found Noreen Renier not credible.

Judge William Anderson's memorandum states "The overwhelming problem with Renier’s case is that this court did not find her … to be a credible witness. There are reasons for this conclusion, beyond her demeanor. First, she misled the court when she indicated that she intended to abide by [a directive] order. … Renier stood not five feet away [from this bench] and agreed to abide. … Her [later] testimony … evidences that she did not intend at any time to abide by the memorialization of the court’s words."

Five years ago psychic player Noreen Renier (often misspelled as Noreen Reiner or Noreen Rainer) was also found by a third federal judge to have breached the Florida state legal settlement.

U.S. federal Judge James Robart in his judgment order in 2006 stated ". . . the record before the court shows that it is impossible that Ms. Renier breached the agreement in this case without some level of fault.  She knew or should have known of the agreement, and breached it nonetheless."

Though Noreen Renier argued for almost two years that she had not breached the settlement the federal judge followed up with a 2007 order writing that in fact her actions were "a clear breach" with an order to pay one victim nearly $40,000.

Remarkably Noreen Renier just prior to these staggering court decisions had predicted her vision to reporters that she would win and cited first amendment rights.

Noreen Renier also claims to have worked across 38 state agencies. But in 2009 researchers were unable to find even a single U.S. state law enforcement agency that directly hired Noreen Renier. And none endorse her paranormal crime and missing person work. Not a single state law enforcement agency across all 50 states and during the last 30 years.

Apparently like the claim of being an FBI investigator, her direct state police hiring's are also faked or delusional.

In reality Noreen Renier is a book author heavily assisted in her writings by others, and poorly educated.

She has absolutely no accredited teaching experience or diplomas even among the many universities and colleges that she cites on her web site. She has never been on the faculty at the University of Delaware, the University of Virginia, the University of Florida, or at any of the other colleges her web site lists.

In truth she may not have continued her original schooling beyond the eighth grade since during testimony she could not recall the name of any high school she attended.

One college staffing member called her "adjunct faculty" college status claim "clearly a falsehood" while other campus representatives said her claims of receiving university "teaching appointments" as an adjunNoreen Renier air crash claimsct faculty member are "outrageous" and "certainly deceptive."

From 2005-2011 Noreen Renier's personal credibility has self-imploded after she was discovered to have fabricated an incredible charade about locating a lost airplane with missing persons --- an event we deconstruct here.

Now uncovered as a public farce across millions of TV viewers and the general public "the greatest paranormal sham pulled on the public" took root in the winter of 1984. The falsehoods by Noreen Renier in that case along with broken promises and unachieved psychic results in locating lost and missing children continue to fester today.

Many long out-of-date psychic TV shows in re-runs --- filmed originally from 1990-2005 --- continue to include interview comments and conclusions that are highly naive given recent disclosures. Some law enforcement officials interviewed decades ago are now dumbstruck at their "stupidity" and "gullibility" supporting such psychic charades.

Noreen Renier has in 2011 been revealed to be what she began her adult career as --- a professional dinner theatre actress, story teller, community stage performer, and night club entertainer. And according to eye-witnesses, skeptics, writers, and critics highlighted on this web site Noreen Renier is an incredible public liar --- even falsely claiming to have been a paranormal skeptic before becoming extensively lab tested as a psychic and scoring "quite high in everything" with paranormal psychometry abilities.

In late September 2011 Noreen Renier was interviewed on Wilmington North Carolina public radio station WHQR-FM. Just days later however WHQR removed all references to "psychic" Noreen Renier on its web pages while also removing the interview replay option for listeners. Apparently after a review they too felt uncomfortable in how she and her claims had been improperly showcased.

Literally thousands of pages of court documents connect Noreen Renier to years of bankruptcy filings including one showing she left one of her own attorneys with a debt exceeding $26,000.

And her most recent Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings (in Virginia rather than her previous Chapter 7 filings in Florida) also failed to show payments from any law enforcement agencies. Not even the smallest public township or county.

No hiring's by police agencies. Nothing across years.

Over the past six years dozens of her paranormal related claims and her own testimony of alleged medical healing events have been examined. In 2008 a science journal writer called many of Noreen Renier's paranormal spoofs "suspect, delusional, or alongside a century of imaginative visions by snake oil salesmen and con artists which sham the public."

Over the past four decades journalists and media have reported that "intuitive" Noreen Renier has claimed numerous God-like paranormal powers including communicating with the dead; turning off and on lighting using only her mind; changing physical objects with psychic vibrations; seeing through clothing worn by others; locating missing children using pendulums held over maps; and changing temperatures in a public auditorium using only her thoughts; and levitating children in the air.

Not surprisingly Noreen Renier (aka Noreen Uzdavinis, Noreen Klinko, and previously posing as Nancy Uzdavinis to hide her identity) enjoys claiming such paranormal powers but not when she's asked to demonstrate them under non-theatre conditions.

Repeatedly Noreen Renier tells reporters that she doesn't like having her credibility questioned. In recent months she told one journalist that skeptical critics are "out to destroy me" and are "destroying my life's work."

Now in 2013 Noreen Renier's continuous exaggerations and paranormal reading charades across 30 years have become noticeable by many.

Not even a single Miami audience member has ever come forward after attending a claimed performance which Renier references. She claimed to one reporter that in this unnamed Miami auditorium "a chill came over the room" as she moved her hand in the air during a live performance.

The reporter said that she told him the more she waved her hand while on stage the colder it got in the auditorium --- finally resulting (according to her statements to journalist Greenburg) in the audience asking her to stop!

Yet like her other claims not a single person remembers these events and no newspaper reported on the event at the time. Indeed inquiries throughout the Miami area couldn't even locate a place that had booked Noreen Renier or even heard about such an remarkable event.

A reporter familiar with many of Noreen Renier's claims was shown 20 minutes of video clips of Renier talking on camera compiled with counter-claims from eye-witnesses, law enforcement officers, and several investigative critics. Asked about what she had just seen the reporter said the presentation was "devastating. It's just unbelievable. I can't believe she lied to that extreme. The size of it is just incredible."

Unfortunately the German based production company behind the TV series Psychic Detectives ---a company known as Story House Productions--- repeatedly paid Noreen Renier thousands of dollars across a long string of $2500 and $5000 checks for "entertaining" millions of viewers who unknowingly watched scripted storylines and actors posing as active investigators.

Washington, D.C. based personnel with Story House Productions also selected to ignore a U.S. federal court subpoena covering Noreen Renier that was handed them at their U.S. headquarters.

Apparently even opening up a U.S. court subpoena much less answering one covering the fees they pay their "psychic talent guests" isn't something the German based company felt obligated to do while conducting business in the United States and under U.S. laws.

After a month of holding the subpoena they simply returned it unopened though the exterior clearly showed it was a subpoena and they had signed as receiving it.

Fortunately several major U.S. banks which properly answered their own court subpoenas covering Noreen Renier and reported on a trail of checks from Story House Productions and others that were not fully reported as income by Noreen Renier.

TV actress Noreen Renier ultimately amended the income on her most recent Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing upward by more than $100,000.00. She initially failed to report that amount and thousands more in filing income records with a Lynchburg Virginia based U.S. Bankruptcy Court. In fact she actually initially reported less than one-tenth her actual income in one year alone!

The July/August 2011 issue of the "magazine for science and reason" the Skeptical Inquirer offers a full-report on that ruling for its more than 50,000 readers titled 'Psychic Detective Noreen Renier Lambasted in Judge's Ruling' written by Dr. Gary Posner, M.D.

A principal skeptic of Noreen Renier notes "She's finished. Her epitaph has been sealed. She spent her life misleading the public and creating charades."

A complete overview segmented with a topic index covering author Noreen Renier and reviewing her new book titled The Practical Psychic --- which scored 0 out of 5 stars in a book review --- is available by clicking 2011 Profile of Noreen Renier

Below we examine with text and images a whopping psychic charade created by Wilmington North Carolina resident Noreen Renier tied to a crashed airplane search and rescue mission.

Carl Wilber, a key eye-witness at the scene of the plane crash publicly remarked that "I don't think she's got anything right. . . . My daughter and I found the plane ourselves. . . . [Renier] hasn't a clue what happened, and how she can go out and say all those things [about finding a plane] when she wasn't even there. . . . She's making money on this and including my name . . . and I don't like people lying." His daughter Cheryl agrees and charged "Noreen Renier made a lot of stuff up. . . she lies that I stumbled over a dead body. She noreen renier psychic exaggerationshas no sense of right and wrong. And what she says isn't true --- I know because I was there and she wasn't. "

And a third eye-witness, Cricket Frost, notes "There is no way she [Noreen Renier] had anything to do with finding the plane. . . there is no way she could have."

Incredibly in releasing her biography titled A Mind For Murder in 2005 Noreen Renier became entangled in her own public deceptions.

They were described as "monstrous lies" by a family member of one of the crash victims.

In 2008 Noreen Renier critic Dr. Gary Posner in reviewing this plane crash case noted that Noreen Renier "has handed the world a sword, and her credibility has now been unequivocally and forevermore impeached."

Yet Renier claims that "Each piece of evidence I gave the police was 100% accurate" and during a Court TV on-line interview she said "When the police hire me, that's usually 70 percent of the time. . . I've put people in jail."

But recent court subpoena materials and investigations now indicate those statements are untrue. And they only add to her farce about being "instrumental" in finding the airplane.

And even though both local and state police credit Mr. Wilber and his daughter for finding the crashed plane Noreen Renier continues to tell millions of television viewers "I found the plane. . . I was instrumental in locating the plane."   And in her book A Mind for Murder she writes "My clues had been accurate. . . . So much of my information was accurate."

But following findings by both a medical examiner and crash investigator many of the claims by TV psychic Noreen Renier have been judged "imagined fantasies." Noreen Renier continues to stand alone with her attorney in court rooms receiving court judgments against her that her psychic reading clients and Facebook supporters apparently don't know about or ignore.

For the complete story with photos about Noreen Renier you are invited to explore this web site. We hope you enjoy your experience.

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